The Garden

The proposal for a garden, a friendly and inviting, with a spectacular lighting, will make your evening a romantic and unforgettable experience. Plants, flowers and a large swimming pool provide a fresh and natural environment, which calls for the relaxation.

At your disposal, two bars perfectly groomed, to which is added a table service, that will make your stay more comfortable, and a superb restaurant.

The offer is very wide, because there is a drink for every moment. From the mojito and caipirinha, the combined par excellence of the summer, up to the blody Mary, for whom bet by a cascade of sweet, salty and acidic, passing by the pina colada, if the palate is not accustomed to the strong feelings.

You can also opt for the king of the bars, the gin and tonic; if you are looking for a refined drink, the margarita or daiquiri, and if you intend to a safe bet, a cosmopolitan. With either of them, acertara, but you can also ask for the usual - whisky, rum, gin, vodka or cognac, alone or with ice.

And how added, pips, which offers an irresistible combination: dinner with live music, which will make the night more special.

From the breaker melody of jazz, blues or soul, to the musical accompaniment of a guitar or a piano solo, solo concerts or groups. From the french song to the fado, passing by the tango, the rancheras and boleros… any sound to liven up an evening which we hope will be unique.